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Musician's Cultural Workshop in Ecuador
** These programs are available for credit through the Colorado School of Mines Teacher Enhancement Program.
An approach to the soul of the indigenous music. In alliance and partnership with SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE OF INDIGENOUS CULTURES - ICCI

Ecuador, a County in the Middle of the World ranging from zero meters at the shores of its pacific beaches to 5,850 meters at the peak of the volcano known as "the colossal mountain of the Andes: the Chimborazo" The country's amazing geography and extraordinary cultural and ecological diversity are manifest in all aspects of life in Ecuador. From musical instruments and rhythms, to its scientific displays, cuisine, and native languages all of Ecuador has been blessed with this abundance, converting this country into a true paradise, situated in the middle of the world.

The arts, and specifically MUSIC, serve to preserve and transmit an immense variety of techniques and ancient knowledge, whose richness has allowed the music to stay pure, and to also have the freedom to blend and fuse with other influences; always remaining real, alive and present. In this magical country, music remains very closely related to daily life, which contributes even more to its exquisite variety. Depending on the occasion, the music could be ritual, ceremonial, solemn or festive, for enjoyment or for sanctification. It is certain that in this small country we can find music to celebrate life and death - music for a new home, music for working communally, music for falling in love, music for waking up or for sleeping. Also, if we refer to the countryside and agriculture ( Ecuador possesses a vast variety of products), we will find a type of music for planting and another for harvesting.

The instruments of Ecuador and the Andes are also extremely varied, and mix pre Inca and Inca's instruments, some of them been used over the 8.000 years. But also there is the ancient use of contemporary indigenous instruments like the harp, mandolin , guitar, violin, etc. Perhaps for this reason, in addition to its natural beauty and richness it is a music that is pleasant and natural to understand, and much easier to play with appropriate methods and guides. Moreover, this is what the program aims to achieve: to make possible a true meeting between musicians from other cultures and origins - with the soul and spirit of the magic of the indigenous music of Ecuador .

In this course, specifically we will study the percussion and wind instruments of Andean cultures, through an approach to their construction, tuning, and performance. All of which will culminate with the participants involvement in the performance of the music opera named "AYAHUSHCA" .

Academic Conference for musicians and Cultural Exchange Opportunity. Program designed by: Taller Artesanal de Música - TAMU


THE WORKSHOP or SCHOOL may include the following themes:

  • Introduction to the ethnic music and rhythms of the following countries: Ecuador : San Juan , Danzante, Yumbo, Caporal, Albazo, Tonada, Tsáchila rhythms, etc. Bolivia : Italake, Carnavales and Tropa de vientos. Perú : Huaino Peruano. Duration: 20 hours.
  • Construction of native musical instruments using wood, leather, and ceramics. Duration: 30 hours.
  • Methodology of arrangement and musical fusion. Duration: 25 hours.
  • Performing and stage and workshop. Introductory study of the body applied to stage art. Music, dance and indigenous theatre: ceremonial, ritual and festive expressions. Duration: 30 hours.
  • Introduction to the universe of the Shaman, the Ayahuashca, and its relation to the music and art. Duration: 25 hours.

THE LABORATORY OF FUSION is a fundamental component of the program. This will evolve the assembly or montage of the opera AYAHUASHCA, by the composer David West. This Opera will be performed in one of the most important theatres in Quito .

Instruments that will be used:
Native instruments : Zamoñas, Quenas, Zancas, Sicus, Toyos, Quenachos, Rondador, Malta, Zampoñas, Pingullo, Marimba, percussion Tsáchila, Chagchas, Charango, Rondines, Gaytas, Guasá and Bombo.

Contemporary instruments: Mandolin, Bandolin, Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone, Eighteen - strings Guitar, GUITARRA SIN TRASTRES, Twelve strings Guitar, Piano, Drums, Flute, Piccolo, and percussion.

This workshop and exposition is experimental and aims to impart theoretical and practical knowledge both technically and philosophically. Our method is to learn through doing and sharing.

Republic of Ecuador . The Indigenous Communities of:

Guapilu: Tsáchila Culture . Province of Pichincha . Santo Domingo de los Colorados County . Subtropical climate. 250 meters over the sea. Primary and secondary forests, surrounded by rivers and thick vegetation. A nature plenty of fresh fish, a diverse array of bananas, cacao, corn, tropical fruits, and abundant species of animals.

Pijal: Cayamby Culture. Province of Imbabura . Gonzales Suarez County . High mountain zone. 3,500 meters over the sea. Predominantly agricultural community. The slopes of this zone overlook the entrance to the Province of Imbabura , called "The Province of the Lakes", where traditional Imbaya communities, such as Peguche, Cotacachi, Quinchuquí, Ibarra y Otavalo, are nestled.

Quito . The capital city will host the program on the public events and on the performance of it´s results. We will make use of this time to visit the following museums: Museum of Musical Instruments ; Museum of the City and Museum Camilo Egas. Also we will assist to 2 concerts on indigenous dance and music


  • Open up a meeting space between musicians of contemporary music styles and masters of native music from diverse Ecuadorian indigenous cultures
  • Be a space for professional training in the field of native or ethnic music
  • Revitalize and disperse native music
  • Share the knowledge and musical styles of various indigenous cultures of Ecuador with musicians from other cultures.
  • Cooperate and exchange with musicians and schools of other countries.
  • Promote an international campaign that disperses the ever-evolving music of alternative groups.
  • Act as a catalyst for the music and cultural exploration of the participants throughout the future.


  • A methodology for contemporary and native music fusion.
  • Construct of a collection of 25 native musical instruments made of clay, leather and wood.
  • Personal growth and cultural understanding.

(Please note that these are possible attendees and their participation is not guaranteed.)

Tsáchila Cultural Group. Tsáchila Culture. Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Province of Pichincha, Ecuador.

Mashicuna Cultural Workshop. Quichua Culture, Province of Imbabura , Ecuador .

Wiñay Cayambys Cultural Workshop. Cayambi Culture, Province of Pichincha , Ecuador .

Yana Puma Cultural Group . Amazon Quichua Culture, Province of Pastaza, Ecuador.

House of the Dance Foundation. Dance and Music Workshop. Indigenous and Mestizo cultures. Quito - Ecuador

Perros Callejeros . Theatre and Music Workshop. Indigenous and Mestizo Cultures. Quito, Ecuador.

(Please note that these are possible attendees and their participation is not guaranteed.)

David West . Musician and Composer. General coordinator and instructor in the art of fusion and musical mixing

Moti Deren - Musician and Composer. Instructor in the art of fusion and musical mixing.

Pablo Cachinguango. Composer, Musician and Instruments Builder. Coordinator and instructor in the musical instrument construction workshop. Quena, Quenacho, Zampoña, Tarkas, Sicus, etc.

Edwin Pichamba - Limulo. Composer, Musician and Instruments Builder. Instructor in the musical instrument construction workshop. Rondador, Antara, Flauta de Pan, Bocina.

Manuel Calazacón - Musician and Instruments Builder. Instructor in the musical instrument construction workshop. Marimba and Tsáchila Percussion

Agustín Calazacón - Shaman - Medicine Man. Instructor and guide to the universe of the Shaman, the Ayahuashca, and its relation to the music and art .

Hector Cisneros. Actor. Instructor in the Stage and performing workshop. Indigenous theater: ceremonial, ritual and festive expressions.

Diego Garrido - Dancer and Coreographer. Instructor in the stage and performing workshop.

Danilo Reyes - Musician and Composer General Coordinator and instructor of the Traditional Rhythms workshop.

José Imbaquingo. Musician and Composer. Instructor of the Traditional Rhythms workshop. The Inti Raymi (The Sun fiesta or San Juan Rhythm)

Luis Lema . Musician and Composer. Instructor of the Traditional Rhythms workshop. Rhythms from Perú and Bolivia .

Cesar Cerda Vargas - Social worker and music researcher. Instructor of the Traditional Rhythms workshop. Rhythms from the Amazons basin.

Soloists, professional groups and bands from diverse musical styles, from various countries are invited. The ideal participants for this workshop are musicians with a healthy work-ethic. Talent, goodwill, and personal dedication in this collective environment will be an asset.

Please contact us for availability of this program.

Price: Per person price based on double occupancy is from $2500. The price includes: accommodation, in-country travel, meals, program costs and materials, and entrance fees to museums and performances. It does not include international airfare or personal items.

Call Pam at 720-746-0748 or email her at pam@kindredspiritstourandtravel.com

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