Service Programs / Volunteer Vacations
Educational / Cultural Tours
Central & South America
North America
Galapagos Enchanted Isles: June 24 - July 4**
Best of Costa Rica: July 12 -24**
South Africa Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Vacation: September 25 - October 6 **
Other Programs:
Women's Expedition to Aconcaugua
Musician's Cultural Workshop in Ecuador
** These programs are available for credit through the Colorado School of Mines Teacher Enhancement Program.

"If I was asked to rate my experience at Makalali, I'd simply say that it was "off the charts". With elephant drives, leopard "stake outs", hyena catches, bush walks and animal monitoring...I was in heaven, albeit a dusty one! Thank you for letting me be apart of an important research project. I won't say it was a once in a lifetime experience, because I am definitely going to return."

M. Janko, USA

Berry College Spring Break Service Program [ read more ]

"The past two days was a mind blowing experience for me, my family and friends. We had a real good time on the trip and your guidance and co-operation was really impressive to me. Thanks for the good planning."

- Viji Umapathy, India

"What a valuable experience it was for participants of all ages and walks of life. The cross-cultural exchange was delightful and insightful on both sides. We may have performed service for the indigenous people we stayed with, but they certainly returned the favor by educating us about their issues and way of life. I hope Kindred Spirits will continue engaging in this excellent exchange of cultures and ideas. We Americans need more opportunities of this nature to better understand and interact with the marvelously diverse world."

-Sandy Curran from Golden, CO

"The pre-trip experience was fantastic for me. You gave me enough information, teased me with possible itineraries, while also giving some room to explore on my own. It didn't feel completely handed to me like some other trips. No disappointments here!"

- Tina Cochran from Ft. Collins, CO

"A volunteer vacation is more enriching than a regular tour. Maybe we didn't get to see the whole country, but I ended up with more of an emotional connection. Above all, what I walked away with was a deep appreciation for a group of people who have their land and their culture, and they get so much from it."

-Jack Lopez from Lakewood, CO

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the group in Ecuador this past spring. It was a unique and wonderful time. The days and nights we spent living, working and playing with the Tsachila are prized memories. A particular highlight for me was the sauna with its spiritual blessings - Augustin was an incredible host."

-Mabyn Martin from Golden, CO

"Daniel and Heather did a terrific job organizing the trip. The whole experience would do some of my friends and neighbors a world of good if they could see how selfish and trivial their perceived problems really are compared to folks with nothing, relative to them, who are very happy and healthy in body and spirit. I am, as you know, ready to go back for another visit. It is a honor and a privilege to be one of your Kindred Spirits!"

-Robert Hodge from Georgetown, CO

"I have the utmost respect for the work you are doing in the field of conservation and educational travel. Through our partnerships, I have been able to see that your programming is full of educational content on the world's habitats and the importance of conserving these incredible places. I have also enjoyed the amount of cultural education you add to your programs. I feel these are just as important as teaching the preservation and conservation of planet earth. I look forward to our continued partnership and watching your growth. I feel that you are an incredible asset to this community and are creating a powerful yet entertaining platform for people to engage in conservation education."

-Amber DeBerry, Vice President of Marketing & Sales,
The Wildlife Experience - Parker, CO

"Great hotels - some lovely, some funky, all chock-full of atmosphere. A nice variety of restaurants. My all-time favorite meal was avocado salad and pisco sours!"

-Regina David from Bellport, NY

"All the logistics were planned very well. No glitches that I could detect. Daniel's fluency in Spanish and experience in Peru was invaluable.Thank you for taking us to places that are not often visited by many American tourists. We experienced an incredible amount of the country. Peru is a beautiful land with beautiful people. I have nothing but wonderful memories."

- Rose Marie Wilson from Shepardstown, WV

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